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Pike Place Podcast

Jul 25, 2020

*  Amidst everything happening right now, here's an episode to honor our own first responders!  


This week on the podcast Jerry and Bob visit the Pike Place Market Clinic.  The Pike Place community is fortunate to have such a wonderful Clinic for it’s residents.  Join us as we talk to some of the staff as they...

Jul 15, 2020

Listen in this weeks episode as we talk about beer and bbq with two of our favorites Cordell and Doug!  Let's Listen!

Jul 9, 2020

This week on the PIKE PLACE PODCAST , Jerry and Bob celebrate our 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! THE PODCAST IS A TODDLER! THANKS to ALL for your SUPPORT. We also are announcing a 6 WEEK HIATUS , while Jerry takes care of his KNEE. LETS LISTEN!

Jul 2, 2020

This week on the PIKE PLACE PODCAST , Jerry and Bob welcome two members of THE MARKET CONSTITUENCY, GORDIE McITYRE and NICK SETTEN to talk about an upcoming MARKET ELECTION. These FINE GENTLEMEN are running for a CONSTITUENCY SEAT on the ALL IMPORTANT PDA COUNCIL. If you want to GET INVOLVED WITH PIKE PLACE MARKET this...